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Waiter / Waitress Section in Gambir Sakethi Restaurant of Sahid Kusuma Hotel Surakarta


This final project is written based on the job training, which has been carried out in April, 2008 in Sahid Kusuma Hotel Surakarta. The writer took a job as waiter in Gambir Sakethi Restaurant of Sahid Kusuma Hotel to observe and practice the job of waiter / waitress in the restaurant and also to find the difficulties faced by the waiter / waitress during their job.

The objectives of this report are: 1) to describe the job of waiter / waitress in Gambir Sakethi Restaurant, 2) to explain the problem faced by waiter / waitress in Gambir Sakethi Restaurant. Thus in this final project, the writer only discusses the job of waiter / waitress in Gambir Sakethi Restaurant of Sahid Kusuma Hotel Surakarta.

In writing this final report, the writer collected data by observing the Gambir Sakethi Restaurant of Sahid Kusuma Hotel Surakarta, interviewing the waiter and waitress and some guest in the restaurant during the job. In conclusion, the waiter and waitress in Gambir Sakethi Restaurant of Sahid Kusuma Hotel Surakarta have duties which are divided into three main parts, there are before restaurant open, during restaurant open, and during restaurant closed. The waiter and waitress also faced some problems while doing their job; they are the limited equipments in the restaurant, the lack of their skill, and the guest’s complaint. The writer also gives some solution to handle the problem.




A. Background

Today, tourism industry is becoming a business which produces the biggest income for Indonesia, especially tourism industry in hotel sector. At many tourist destination and big cities hotel businesses are getting more developed or advanced. Hotel and other service businesses, such as restaurant, guest houses, nightclub, catering services, bars, pubs and discotheque become more fertile and bigger in number. The problem is how to manage this tourism industry becoming an advanced and interesting service trade. This is due to the fact that if a tourism industry is not managed and developed properly, it will not be able to face competitions in world trade era.

Basically, hotel is one of service trade forms. As a service industry, every hotel businessman has to try giving maximum service to the guests. In other words, the strength of this business is on how the businessmen offer the best service to their guests. It depends on each hotel’s efforts to expose their strengths or good values to be able to attract the guest’s interest and to create the good image of the hotel. Sahid Kusuma Hotel is a four-starred hotel in Solo, which not only provides accommodation service but also gives food and beverage service. To fulfill the requirements, Sahid Kusuma Hotel provides some restaurants to provide food services to costumers.

One of the way serving the food and beverage is through waiter / waitress. Becoming a waiter / waitress means that it is a must to have ability to attract and impress the hotel guests and even foreign hotel guests through sympathy. Sahid Kusuma Hotel has friendly and responsive waiter / waitress, who are attractive and have neat appearances, and they also have such tactility in transferring food to the guests. All of those factors are all aimed for reaching or achieving the hotel’s main purpose which is to fulfill the requirements and to get benefits from the sale result of the food and beverage.

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