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English Teaching Activities in Accordance with Competency Based Curriculum In the First Grade of SMP N 1 Tawangsari Sukoharjo


The Final Project is about the description of the teaching-learning method used by the English teacher in the first grade of SMP N 1 Tawangsari Sukoharjo and the activities done in accordance with competency based curriculum. The Local Government has had the autonomy to organize the education curriculum independently. Therefore, every school in a region should arrange their own education curriculum and competence. SMP N 1 Tawangsari Sukoharjo has been practicing this new regulation by holding an English teaching-learning process with Competency based Curriculum in the newest form KTSP (Educational Unit Level Curriculum).

The writer did a Job Training to compose the final project in SMP N 1 Tawangsari. The purpose is to report the method used and the English activities done in SMP N 1 Tawangsari. There are many methods which can be used by the teacher. The teacher in this school has been already using the newest method, Competency Based Curriculum. This final project describes the new method used and how the teacher practiced it. The data was taken from the observation and interview in the school of SMP N 1 Tawangsari. Firstly, she observed the class and the activity there. Then, at the second day, the writer was positioned as the teacher for class VII D, she must come there twice a week to teach the student. She continued the topic in that semester and taught the student by practicing the theory given in Diploma Program. The Job Training held from 6th of February until 15th of March 2007. During the Job Training, the writer did also some interview with the English teacher there and some librarians, and also the head of SMP N 1 Tawangsari. She also got the data from the information of an administration staff. The Discussion of the data leads to the teaching-learning process held in SMP N 1 Tawangsari is starting to use the newest competency based curriculum based on UU No. 20 tahun 2003 about National Education System and Government Rule that instruct in National standardizing. Then, in teaching a second language to the students, the teacher should understand some points about the student’s characteristic generally; a teacher in this competence is hoped as a controller and a facilitator who let the students explore themselves maximally

Some problems related to the students were the lack of more modern facilities and English daily community. Therefore, the solutions may be the school should obtain more modern facilities such as some latest CDs, video, and native speaker. Then it will be better when the teacher build an English atmosphere in and around the class by writing or drawing everything related with English. Many trials can develop the student ability.


A. Background

English is a language which is used mostly in all over the world. Therefore, mastering English is a must for every person. People will never be able to avoid facing a situation in which there is no product using English language at all. English is used in almost of human life aspects. The people should be aware of this condition if they still want to survive the tight competition in this era, because the competition needs one who can connect with various development and situation. In Indonesia, especially the education aspect has the development in English curriculum in order to increase the student capability in mastering English. This development aims to follow the world dynamics which is always changing. The government pays attention to this case intensively. By seeing government releasing some latest regulations related with curriculum and competence (UU Sisdiknas No. 20 Th. 2003, PP No. 19 Th. 2005 about National Standard of Education, etc), we can conclude that government considers that the education element needs to develop, so does mastering English.

The apprentice is interested in working out English and considers for teaching English to the Junior School Institution to have a Job Training. The writer chose SMP N 1 Tawangsari Sukoharjo in the 1st grade because the students are still in the basic level, so the writer can observe the students behavior in understanding English completely, and also the teacher’s method in delivering the material of English lesson. Based on the job training’s experience, the writer presents discussion and report entitled “English Teaching Activities In Accordance with Competency Based Curriculum In The First Grade of SMP N 1 Tawangsari

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